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Alive But Dead Inside Enamel Pin

Alive But Dead Inside Enamel Pin by Emo Night


Alive But Dead Inside Enamel Pin

You might be alive… but you’re dead inside.

Do you ever feel like the world is (not so) slowly collapsing around you? That maybe you’re never going to get ahead? That the entire system is rigged the only point to life is seeking those fleeting moments of happiness that we find with friends at Emo Night?

Do you spend day to day drifting through life, feeling like you have no purpose in life? Do you unironically listen to the saddest emo songs and watch heart-wrenching movies?

This Alive But Dead Inside enamel pin is a great accessory to wear to work as you slowly waste away your life making someone else rich for a fraction of what they’re making.

If that’s a little too dark for you, there’s also a cute, heartbroken skeleton holding an umbrella (and their heart).

Emo Night merchandise allows us to make upgrade to our events while also continuing our commitment to hosting ticket-free events. Ticketmaster is truly dead inside.

Pins are shipped in a padded envelope. Free shipping or pick up at any of our events at the Squirrel Hill Sports Bar or The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA.

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